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Kidney donation is truly an amazing and incredible act and it is the most generous gift anyone could give to our family!  OO


Patricia (Pat) and Paul Sykas would like to introduce themselves. They are lifelong Vermont residents, previously from Montpelier and currently residing in Groton, Vt. They are in great need of a kidney for Pat.


About Pat...

Pat grew up in Orleans, Vermont and attended Orleans Schools. She was a healthy child despite the fact that one of her kidneys never developed properly. On April 19, 1970, she married Paul Sykas and spent many years as the family business accountant and staff manager. Pat raised two wonderful children at their home in Montpelier and she currently has two grandchildren whom she adores as well.


In the summer of 2011, Pat discovered that her only good kidney was failing.  Due to her kidney not being able to filter toxins, Pat was forced to start dialysis about thirty months ago.  Pat is fortunate to be able to have home dialysis.  Unfortunately, this does consume anywhere from 25-30 hours per a week.  Pat cannot keep up with her former routines due to her kidney failure.  She is now retired and had looked forward to tending her huge flower gardens, repainting some rooms in the house, as well as spending time with her precious grandchildren. It is heartbreaking for Pat that, at this point, she is unable to travel and spend extended time with her grandsons on Cape Cod like she had always dreamed of.



Pat is currently listed with the Transplant Program at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire.  It is estimated that Pat will be on the waitlist for approximately three years unless a suitable donor is found.  Receiving a kidney from a living donor over a deceased donor would increase the longevity of her transplant and have better outcomes. 

Pat and Paul lost their son Stephen to cancer in 2012. Additionally, their daughter has also had cancer and therefore, an immediate family donor is not possible. In light of this, the Sykas family is pursuing all possible avenues to increase the chances of receiving a kidney for Pat.


If you are interested in being considered as a donor for Pat, there are two ways to find out if you are a possible match.

1. Go to the following link and by completing this survey, it will advise you if you are not a candidate or if a possible candidate. If you are a possible candidate, the survey will then be sent to the Donor Team at DHMC. The Donor Coordinator will then contact you for further information and to schedule a blood test.

2. If you do not have a computer or access to a computer, you may call 603-653-3931 and advise them you would like to start the process to be considered as a kidney donor for Patricia. They will take some information from you and then have a Donor Coordinator call you to complete the survey.


Regardless of what your blood type is, you can still be considered as a donor for Pat If Pat does not find a match, any potential donor and Pat can be considered for entry in the National Kidney Registry Exchange Program.

How much does living donation cost? Who pays?
The costs of the donation, which include laboratory, x-ray and doctors' and hospital charges, are paid by the recipient's insurance. There is no cost to the donor. However, the donor is not paid for time off from work, or travel expenses to or from the hospital and clinic. Some employers may allow this time to be taken as sick leave.

If the kidney recipient is covered by Medicare, Medicare pays the living-related donor’s medical bills. These include all tests done for the donor before surgery except for routine care such as pap smears, colonoscopy and mammograms. The donor’s hospitalization and follow-up care will be covered.

Expenses not covered include transportation and loss of income during hospitalization and recovery.